Building under highset - QLD - Logan CC - Granny Flat potential

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by gach2, 30th Jun, 2015.

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  1. gach2

    gach2 Well-Known Member

    30th Jun, 2015
    Hi just a question into building below highsets

    From what i know legal height is 2.4m except for areas that wont be habited much (bathroom,laundry etc where it is 2.1m. How does the beams that go along the ceiling count for this? Does that have to be 2.4m from the floor as well?

    Say this is all good i can build under and add to the existing house legally and advertise whatever i add to the house (eg add 2 bedrooms to a 3 bedroom house and call it 5 bedrooms etc)

    What about building an auxiliary unit downstairs? to be rented out to an additional party? Would this be close to financially stupid due to fireproofing etc? Not too sure whats involved.

    Any assistance would be appreciated