Building tips for the First Home Buyer

Discussion in 'Development' started by SaberX, 26th Jul, 2015.

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  1. SaberX

    SaberX Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Hi all,

    Could I get everyone's colelctive experiences and advice on the following issues - first time building and I figured you all will have had much more experience on what makes better resale value and rental etc. considerations given you've been there and done that in terms of mistakes or building design principles you'd recommend to stay way from.

    1) I'm currently stuck between two master bedroom/ensuite etc. options. The reason is the standard master bedroom #1 which was critiqued by some as lacking a solid wall e.g. for a tv opposite a centered bed (as the walk-through opening for the the ensuite just takes up part of where a TV w ould go centered across from a bed. Some also believe 4 x 4 (16m2) is lacking size wise as opposed to a minimum of 20m2 being suitable for a master.

    The end result is I was suggested master #2 which has a closer to 20m2 area, but is abit more odd shaped rectangle. Also the bed to achieve a flat wall is more to the left than centered (as you can see), the WIR is smaller (say 2.5 m of shelving space without extending it as it looks on the floor plan versus around circa 4.5m on the first option). The advantage of option #2 is a centered entrance into bathroom.

    Option #1 master: bedroom option 1.jpg
    Option #2 master: bedroom option 2.jpg

    One alternative I had was with the master #1 option was to make the door/entrance where the current double vanities were (so you enter along the far right wall of the ensuite, allowing for a full wall for any TV opposite the bed), move these vanities across to the wall sharing with the theatre and extend the shower to a double length shower (with one head/tapware). It costs about $550 circa for doubel showers and another $300-500 would be to increase the bathroom ensuite say 200-300mm so the double vanities can be moved there. Do you think this would look good? Having the bathroom entrance down the far right? (option 2 unfortunately shaves off 400mm from the theatre's depth so that has me worried as well)

    Secondly - please see the alfresco per design below: sizing.jpg

    Becuase I picked up on open space requirements of 30m2 (10m2 can be covered by alfresco max) the alfresco had to be shrunk so it does not follow the building line (for the LHS or rear). Do you think the alfresco looks weird at this smaller size/shape? Those around me believe I"d be better off following the rear building line (not the rear eaves) in terms of alfresco depth but having it length wise all the way to the LHS of the house's building line.... i might just be over the 10m2 open air coverage....

    Sales rep argues square is more practical and conventional, family and others reckon the rectangle option looks better for resale value as it follows the building line, and also the fact that outdoor tables etc. being naturally rectangle in length.

    3) On a side question: would you leave your roof at 30c throughout the house if it cost $4.5k to upgrade one course up to 31course? It'd be for an investment/rental eventually so hence why I was torn on whether I should pay the money to upgrade to 31 course.

    4) A few people have mentioned but I just wantd to confirm - with a single story house am I safe to say that I can install air conditoning post handover? Heard some horrror stories where people couldn't after handover, however is this for double storeys? Or do you get cases of roofing being done that doesn't accomodate air conditioning ducts post-handover?

    5) Would you do your crossover and driveway paving externally? $3k with the builder to do it otherwise ($2k for crossover to be added in by builder, $1k is the notional credit you get back from the included driveway block pavers used and included in the house's build base price).

    6) How hard did you find DIY after handover your lighting and window treatments etc all were? Thinking paint too.... Did you find it alot cheaper and simpler getting junction boxes into each room/area so you put and buy your own lights?

    Are conduits necessary in every room where you're planning to allow flexibility after handover for an electrician to come in and work? I thought conduits just allow a pipe to where the power switch would be anyway, that way any electrician can add more wires and switches later down the track?

    7) How much would you recommend spending on elevation? Would you see much return on selling up? As so far even simple options, or a portico adds say $2.7k onto costs , and isn't even fancy fancy to begin with....

    8) Any tips on tackling window sizing, particularly torn between full length windows for the front of house becuase of elevation purposes given the front room is not an ensuite but a theatre.. and theatres obviously you'd want less windows or covered all up anyway. Not sure if cheating with 'aesthetics' through blade walls and other front elevation modifications to provide this no window atmosphere for theatre works well, or if you'd just recommend saving the money and putting some cheap venetians on the windows , close them, and wollah?

    Thanks for any experience/advice you can give!

    Would just love to hear some thoughts on this and what you'd do.
  2. Be Developer

    Be Developer Property Developer Business Member

    19th Jun, 2015

    Too many questions and long post.

    How about you call some expirenced local Developers on forum?

    @MTR @Westminster should be able to give you a good guidance!
  3. Westminster

    Westminster Tigress at Tiger Developments Business Member

    13th Jun, 2015
    I've got a few ideas but it would be helpful to see the whole design. I'd probably spend money on doors before higher ceilings.
    If you email me (below) the whole plan I'll reply back here with some scribbles and notes.