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Discussion in 'Development' started by Zak, 11th Mar, 2016.

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  1. Zak

    Zak Well-Known Member

    22nd Aug, 2015
    Could anyone refer me and provide contact details for a building or builder broker?


    Have plans and drafted a spec and would like to get some quotes thanks.
  2. ottg

    ottg Well-Known Member

    29th Jun, 2015
    Cant help you but a great question as I didnt know what a builder broker does and what services they offer (Building Brokers are just like finance brokers, in that we source the very best products and services for our clients) Google shows As many of the builder brokers will be members of Housing Industry Association (HIA) that will be my 1st port of call - ask them.

    Perhaps another quick starting point is to see which builders are active in any specific area as they may have been approached by builder brokers previously. Example for Robina, Qld. Use then search for <Robina, OLD> and select <new houses>. There some developers advertise: Colliers International Casuarina; Giumelli Group; McGrath Projects QLD; Similarly you can select REA in that area and ask them.
  3. Leo2413

    Leo2413 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    All over the place.
    I think it may be a little hard to get someone to recommend (and on an open forum) a building broker, especially if they are also building or planning to build at the same time because it could directly conflict with their own projects.

    I would do similar to what Ottg recommended and see who is active in the area and building similar stock to what you want and approach them. Also you can look at past DAs on stock you like and see who the consultants were.
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