Boronia/Bayswater - Unit or House?

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by dan_89, 9th Jul, 2016.

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  1. dan_89

    dan_89 Well-Known Member

    22nd Jun, 2015
    Hi all,

    Currently searching for an investment property for my gf to get her into the market. Her budget is currently around the $450k mark. Ideally we would like a place reasonably local in need of a little TLC to manufacture some growth.

    Historical data shows Boronia units at 5.95% annual growth and houses around 8.48% which is a considerable difference when holding long term.

    Options are to purchase a unit asap around the $400-$450k bracket (ideally something with 3 beds) or hold out for another 6-12 months to save a bigger deposit + wage increase and purchase a house with a larger land component on separate title around $600k bracket with the option of us purchasing together (however then she may not be eligible for the FHO stamp duty reduction which would be good to take advantage of if purchasing under $600k). In the next 1-2 years my thoughts are slowing growth therefor I don't feel it will be too detrimental sitting on the sidelines a little longer given Melbourne is potentially nearing top of its cycle (IMO).

    A few rough comparisons below;

    Unit purchase:
    $420k purchase price + stamp duty $8,685 (with FHO reduction)
    2020 Value: $454k approx value based on 2% compounding growth

    House purchase:
    2017: $620k purchase price + stamp duty $32,270 (No FHO reduction)
    2020 Value: $707k approx value based on 4.5% compounding growth

    Given house growth is historically 2.5% higher than units I would suspect this trend will continue.

    What are peoples thoughts on this South East corridor in terms of future growth (5-10 years)?

    From other previous experience, would you recommend getting into the market asap or hold out to purchase a better quality investment (with larger land component) to increase future growth prospects?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Matt Ad

    Matt Ad Well-Known Member

    7th Mar, 2016
    Iv always though of buying the land as where the value is. while Im not to sure of the market you are in, and would not rule out apartments altogether, I would, personally, always opt for land, buildings generally depreciate (thats why with IP's we can write off depreciation against our tax) and thats what a unit is, just building. Just my thoughts, hope it sort of helps.