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Discussion in 'Property Management' started by Martin, 24th Aug, 2016.

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  1. Martin

    Martin New Member

    24th Aug, 2016

    A recently appointed Body Corporate manager from
    Victoria Body Corporate Services
    64 Fennell St, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia
    has stated that owners present at a past AGM meeting,
    which I was unable to attend because overseas,
    passed a resolution that I and other owners
    be excluded from future Body Corporate communications.

    I was wondering if it was legal to exclude owners
    (whose owners corporation dues are fully paid)
    from Body Corporate communications ?

    Victoria Body Corporate Services
    appears not to have taken kindly to my honest commentary that
    their business had a high turn over of unresponsive managers.
    But I find it strange that Victoria Body Corporate Services
    would suggest such a alienating resolution be passed...

    Any suggestions about the best way to proceed with a legal dispute
    of the resolution, would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Has any else had bad experiences dealing with
    Victoria Body Corporate Services ?
  2. ff3

    ff3 Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    There are certain requirements for communications with lot owner which are set out in legislation e.g. written notice for an AGM. If that is what they are proposing to exclude you from, I cannot imagine that would be viewed favourably by VCAT. That's probably your first point of call...
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  3. Richard Williams

    Richard Williams Buyers Agent - Southeast QLD Business Member

    9th Aug, 2015
    Loganholme, Brisbane
    I'm guessing your not on the committee? Usually owners who are not on the committee won't receive communication for the daily running of the building, only the AGM notice and correspondence if you have set a spending limit on the committee for repairs for the building, that's in NSW anyway. If you want to be fully informed about the daily running of the building you need to be on the committee.

    Unfortunately unresponsive managers seem to be part of the industry going by my 20 odd years on a committee.......
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  4. Lil Skater

    Lil Skater Well-Known Member Business Member

    18th Jun, 2015
    I have a lot of dealings with VBCS. If you're still looking for some answers, feel free to PM me.
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