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Discussion in 'Finance & Banking' started by 99TechGuru, 20th Jan, 2014.

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  1. 99TechGuru

    99TechGuru New Member

    20th Jan, 2014
    Cremorne Point
    I'm a writing a paper on the state of the Mortgage Broker Industry from the point of view of online lead generation and need to identify Mortgage Broker Networks with more than 10 independent brokers as part of the group as opposed to a single office with 10 internal brokers

    Some of the major companies that I have identified include
    * Aussie
    * Mortgage Choice
    * Connective
    * AFG
    * Finsure
    * Smartline

    I would love to know your opinions on who should be in the list of Mortgage Broker Groups/Networks/Aggregators?
  2. 99TechGuru

    99TechGuru New Member

    20th Jan, 2014
    Cremorne Point
    Aggregators & franchise groups

    Found my answer, here it is if others are looking

    MFAA -


    AAA Mortgage Solutions
    AMAG/Vision Aggregation
    Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd
    Auspak Financial Services
    Australian Commercial Finance Group Pty Ltd
    Australian Finance Group Limited
    Australian Loan Company Ltd
    Australian Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd
    Ballast Finance Pty Ltd
    Bernie Lewis Home Loans Pty Ltd
    Buyers Choice Home Loan Advisory Service Pty Ltd
    Choice Aggregation Services
    Choice Home Loans
    Citiwide Mortgage Services
    ClubFS Pty Ltd
    Connective OSN Pty Ltd
    CrediFlex Group Pty Ltd
    Elders Home Loans
    eChoice Pty Ltd
    Fasttrack Finance Group Pty Ltd
    Finance & Systems Technology Pty Ltd
    finconnect Australia Pty Ltd
    Finsure Finance & Insurance Pty Ltd
    First Chartered Capital Operations Pty Ltd
    GMS Group (QLD) Pty Ltd T/as Sample And Partners
    GMS Group (VIC) Pty Ltd T/as Sample And Partners
    L J Hooker Financial Services Pty Ltd
    Lawform Financial Services Group
    Liberty Network Services Pty Ltd
    Loan Market Group Pty Ltd
    Loans Today
    Millennium 3 Mortgage Platform Services Pty Ltd
    Mortgage Choice Limited
    Mortgage House Pty Limited
    Mortgage Loans Australia Pty Ltd
    Mortgage Point
    National Brokers Group Pty Limited
    National Finance Choice Pty Ltd
    National Finance & Trading Group Pty Ltd
    National Lending Group Pty Ltd
    National Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd
    NewCo Financial Services Pty Limited
    Outsource Financial Pty Ltd
    PLAN Australia
    Professional Lending Providers Pty Ltd
    Sample and Partners
    Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers
    Specialist Finance Group
    The Mortgage Professionals
    Vow Financial Group Pty Ltd
    Vow Financial Pty Ltd