Are granny flats a possible way to increase rooming accommodation limit above 5 tenants?

Discussion in 'Granny Flats' started by Muzzah, 22nd Aug, 2016.

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  1. Muzzah

    Muzzah New Member

    22nd Aug, 2016
    This is my first post since a couple on Somersoft many moons ago... so hello all!

    There's a 4 bed house needing reno, legal height underneath for further development, with a solid brick shed at the back, here on Brisbane southside. Zoned LDR, low density. 607m2 block.

    It wouldn't be hard to create really good student accommodation for more than five people, across the three areas.

    On the face of it the shed could be converted to a granny flat based on Council guidelines:
    Granny Flats | Brisbane City Council

    thus creating a potential dual occupancy property as I understand it.

    Is this a possible way to stretch the basic limit of five unrelated people per dwelling in Brisbane - anyone got a view or any experience on this?

    While I'm at it: any other ideas about how to legally (and harmoniously) stretch this limit, or is it set in concrete within an LDR zone?