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Discussion in 'Help & Feedback' started by leon brown, 13th Oct, 2015.

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  1. leon brown

    leon brown Active Member

    21st Jun, 2015
    Hello everyone

    After 6 weeks of trialling my product on ebay with some success , i decided it was time to close the ebay shop and engage a freelancer to customize a theme for my web biz .
    The freelancer in almost done and i must say besides some initial language barriers it has gone quote smoothly and so far happy with them and the content writers efforts ..

    This is my first web biz ever and a massive learning curve . please give me your honest opinions on the site as it is still a work in progress i really would appreciate any advice .

    Here is the link to the site that is still under construction.

    Target market : women aged between 40-65 australian residents

    Thank you all