... and then it was gone ....

Discussion in 'Money Management & Banking' started by Lizzie, 25th Jun, 2018.

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  1. Ed Barton

    Ed Barton Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Probably. I would be described as wealthy. I never want for anything.

    My peers, if they knew, would describe me as filthy rich. I have no religious affiliation.

    I get that, but it seems to have expanded.
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  2. Dan Donoghue

    Dan Donoghue Well-Known Member

    19th Jun, 2015
    Gold Coast, QLD
    That's a pretty dim view of humanity mate. You are also devaluing people's time with your statement.

    If you saw my expenses you would be shocked, I pay for a pool cleaner because 2 bucks a day is worth a lot less than my time to maintain a pool. I pay for garden maintenance because I am no good at gardening so would most likely balls it up and my weekend time so I am recharged for my well paying job is worth a lot more than the 60 bucks a month it costs for ground maintenance. I pay for a lot of things that I am either no good at or take my valuable time.

    The tech in our house (and there is a LOT), all done by me, I am good at it and can keep it well maintained, anything that is not something I have the skills for I pay an expert to do, I see no gain in my wasting my time to do a half assed job and learn something which I hold no interest for.

    Yes I am if you have the right aircon unit, I can save more money by shaving 5 mins of my shower each day (although it's a completely moot point in my house as I have a Tesla Powerwall)

    Really? C'mon man, you can say that about anything, it's cheaper to not have the internet yet here we both are chatting online, it's cheaper to never eat out but I guarantee you do, it's cheaper to live in a studio apartment in the middle of nowhere yet I guarantee you don't, It's cheaper to not have electricity but I also guarantee you have that too. It's all about what your perception of value is, I value my own comfort and time over many things, my house isn't by any means opulent but it's beautiful and I paid the price tag for that, just as investing is calculating risk and return, spending is calculating lifestyle and cost.

    Do YOU have aircon? considering you are pretty much painting it as a waste of money.

    Yes it is, I gave you a specific example to support my point, you can't just say "That's not true" in response and expect it to be so. I am friends with a guy in Sydney who went through it all 5 months after I started my journey, he was public, he waited longer and when he went in he was given a permanent bag, he wasn't offered the surgery I had, his surgery took just under 60 mins compared to my 7 hour surgery.

    Sticky Date is my passion at the moment but anything sweet gets me these days (Which is weird being that I was always a savoury man in my younger years)
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  3. marmot

    marmot Well-Known Member

    12th Jun, 2006
    N.S.W , W.A
    Why is it such a foreign concept .
    Businesses across Australia are named and shamed regularly for providing poor products , bad customer service and poor aftercare service.