alternative, replacement of fireplace heating system costs?

Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by Truly Exotic, 13th Jul, 2016.

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  1. Truly Exotic

    Truly Exotic Well-Known Member

    21st Aug, 2015
    16.4944° S, 151.7364° W
    Hi Everyone,
    one of my ips, the heater is causing problems and the costs associated with determing the problem are going to be too high to justify,

    its currently a rinnai reh300ft,

    its one of those fireplace ones,if that helps,

    they seem to be really expesnive at like $1500 each plus installation

    im not very technical in this department, but can I replace with a a much cheaper one or with a slightly less powered one

    for the record its a small to medium sized 3bdr home, the main room plus livings need to heat, the bdrs not so important as thats what currently happens (accoridng to the agent)

    thanks everyone
  2. WattleIdo

    WattleIdo midas touch

    18th Jun, 2015
    Riverina NSW
    Is it flued or un-flued? If fireplace type, I'm guessing it's a flued heater.
    I recently bought an unflued gas heater and had to return it because I couldn't stand the emissions. Guess I'm lucky (or unlucky?) that I'm sensitive to things like that. It cost me a thousand bucks - wasn't easy to return. Was the Rinnai Dynamo15.
    If you're going to stay with gas, I would only replace it with another flued gas heater.
    I see they are actively phasing out unflued in Victoria. You can only get one to replace another but if not a replacement, you can't buy unflued. A pity about all the noxious NO2 etc. Gas heaters certainly keep the place warm.