Advice sought - new wall for fourth bedroom

Discussion in 'Renovation & Home Improvement' started by prprty8, 6th Feb, 2024.

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  1. prprty8

    prprty8 New Member

    6th Feb, 2024
    IMG_4347.jpeg Hi all,

    I’m looking for any creative advice/tips from this community on possible ways to add a study into our bungalow floor plan (see attached).

    Our current idea is to add a new wall converting the “living” room (opposite Bed 3) into a fourth bedroom. Bed 3 would then be our study. The new wall would have frosted windows at the top to let light into the corridor.

    But we’re brainstorming ideas and interested in what others think.

    We’re planning an extension of the family area at the back of the house in a few years, so we’re not worried about having a smallish living area relative to the number of bedrooms.

    We have a large attic but attic conversion is probably out of our budget at the moment.

    The “study” shown at the back of the house in the floor plan is too small - it is more of a utility space - and we don’t want to change it.