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Discussion in 'Repairs & Maintenance' started by kaacu, 13th Dec, 2017.

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  1. kaacu

    kaacu Member

    27th Oct, 2017
    To all pest control / building expert, or anyone with experience in similar situation.

    I've just done an building & pest inspection on a property which will be at auction.

    From the report, there's sign of previous terminte attack in the past but no active live terminte or nest currently.

    There're some terminte damages found on the subfloor and roof.

    There's chemical treatment notice from 12 years ago found but no drill hole.

    The property looks good in general condition (and from the report).So my question is,
    - Do I have to do anything / is there any inspection I can do to make sure the building structure is safe?
    - Is it possible to know whether terminte will appear again, and is there possible prevention or elimination?
    - How much would that cost? Just a rough estimation so I know if it's hundred / thousand dollars I'll have to spend. And how long will it take?
    - Last question, should I still go for the property...... not sure if terminte is a serious problem in Melbourne.
  2. Kassy

    Kassy Well-Known Member

    21st Jun, 2015
    Firstly, talk to the inspector about it. Ask them how serious it is. If they are a building inspector as well, ask how much to repair what can be seen and worst case scenario...
  3. Sunnystate

    Sunnystate New Member

    11th Jan, 2018
    A termite treatment can cost anywhere between $2500 and 10,000 depending on the size of the property and what sort of system you have installed. The only way to know exactly is to have a termite specialist come out and do a quote.
    in most cases, a quote for a barrier is done at the same time as the inspection, but as it was a building and pest inspection, they may not do them, so in that case, you need to get a new inspection done and a report with the cost of installing a barrier.
    As for to damage that's already there you need to get a builder to come out and quote that.