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  1. [email protected] replied to the thread Cost Evidence for QS Depreciation Schedule.

    The QS report is likley fine for the depreciation purpose as QS' have a concession that allows them to estimate those costs for the...

    15th Apr, 2021 at 11:12 AM
  2. [email protected] liked Terry_w's post in the thread NSW Foreign Owner Land Tax Surcharge.

    Its the parliaments that make the laws, the relevant departments can only milk people to the extent that the laws allow it. The...

    15th Apr, 2021 at 11:09 AM
  3. [email protected] replied to the thread NSW Foreign Owner Land Tax Surcharge.

    It isnt "granted" unless requested. It is recomended to request it on arrival. If you indicate no known return date they will generally...

    15th Apr, 2021 at 11:08 AM
  4. [email protected] replied to the thread Female Accountant in Melbourne.

    I find a request for a male or female tax or legal adviser a strange request. It suggests one party has a gender bias. Its not...

    15th Apr, 2021 at 10:56 AM
  5. [email protected] replied to the thread Hitting servicing limit. Are there loans that don't require income?.

    If they are wealthy and are retirees they usually dont have significant debt. And no lender will lend high LVR for a $5-$10m property....

    9th Apr, 2021 at 4:49 PM
  6. [email protected] replied to the thread Down goes an alleged property ponzi scheme.

    Greed on both sides. All it takes is the right conditions and people throw money at people too eager to just take it. Perfect climate...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 3:20 PM
  7. [email protected] replied to the thread Positive Property Solutions.

    I get a few emails a year from spruikers asking me to retract something. I'm sure Simon gets some requests to delete threads too. I...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 2:50 PM
  8. [email protected] attached a file to the thread Positive Property Solutions.


    upload_2021-4-9_14-35-58.jpeg 9th Apr, 2021 at 2:36 PM
  9. [email protected] replied to the thread Positive Property Solutions.

    Their goal is to create 10,000 property millionaires (although it’s not clear what the definition of a “property millionaire” is) Their...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 1:02 PM
  10. [email protected] replied to the thread Is backdating a letter legal?.

    I would be reading the policy well and understanding what is and what is not covered under 1. Building policy clauses and 2. Contents...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 10:54 AM
  11. [email protected] replied to the thread Legal Tip 333: Can a lender Come After Other Assets of a Borrower?.

    And if loans are crossed they can even consider the need to dispose of the other property or require refinance of the shortfall against...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 10:34 AM
  12. [email protected] replied to the thread Foreign investment tax liability with Australian partner.

    Terrific. It should always occur when considering a purchase since the costs to remedy are very significant. The other nasty one...

    9th Apr, 2021 at 10:27 AM
  13. [email protected] replied to the thread Leaky roof.

    Thats likely a reasonable amount. It can be hard to get roofers out for small jobs. If the ceilings are damaged by water they may need...

    8th Apr, 2021
  14. [email protected] replied to the thread Fence Issue.

    And it wont be tax deductible since its an initial repair. Your property state neigbouring fences laws apply. Many neigbours dont...

    8th Apr, 2021
  15. [email protected] replied to the thread Anyone else starting to doomsday prep?.

    is it just me or has our media suddenly all become ****ing experts on vaccination news that is all highly pessimistic and negative and...

    8th Apr, 2021