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13th Feb, 2017
    1. Johnny Smith
      Johnny Smith
      This may be basic but i don't understand how banks would lend you more money after you've purchased properties and assumedly taken on more debt???
      1. htopg
        Hi Johnny,
        Existing debt does not matter.
        The bank will lend you more if you have enough equity + you are able to service the new debt.
        The lands in Logan is normally big, you can add a granny flat to increase yield.
        The majority of the houses in Logan are Queenslanders (2 storeys) and with some creativity, you can get dual income to increase the yield.
        31st Oct, 2016
    2. Johnny Smith
      Johnny Smith
      hey mate, just came across something you said and it really confused me. I was hoping you wouldn't mind explaining what you meant to a total novice.

      "Good to throw in 1 or 2 Logan properties in your portfolio if you need to bump up your borrowing power.
      For your info, I can borrow 500k more after I got 2 Logan properties."
      1. Gockie
        Maybe the yields in Logan are really strong and Htopg knows which lender to use next based on his/her situation?
        11th Oct, 2016
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