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    Thanks @hieund85. Somehow they have cleared this from the database. Please see some evidence below: [ATTACH]

    45 King Arthur.jpg 9th Dec, 2019 at 5:35 PM
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    Agreed that home ownership rates have slightly come down in 25-34 age group between 1961 and 2011 from 60% to 47% - but looking at that...

    8th Dec, 2019
  3. hieund85 replied to the thread Westpac's Bill Evans: 0.25% RBA cash rate by June 2020; QE to follow.

    Generally employees in the US have less public holiday and annual leave than AU employees as well as benefit such as minimum wage,...

    8th Dec, 2019
  4. hieund85 replied to the thread Market movement in SE Melbourne.

    Just curious. I do not see the sold price in Feb like you said. Can they hide it? Back to your question, I have seen an average of 10%...

    8th Dec, 2019