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14th Dec, 2015
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Environmental Planner


Town Planner & Project Manager, from Sydney

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    Environmental Planner
    Hi, my name is Anthony and I am an Environmental Planner who specialises in all aspects of Town Planning and Urban Planning.

    I have Masters Degree in Environmental Planning, a Diploma of Project Management and I am a full member of the Planning Institute of Australia. I have a network of consultants that include, Surveyors, Bushfire consultants, Arborists, Ecologists, Geo tech engineers, Traffic consultants, Acoustic consultants, Hydrologists, Civil engineers and Architects.

    I can help with all types of development applications that involves obtaining approval from local councils.

    The planning law in NSW has been described as the most complex and challenging in Australia. Added to this is the fact that individual councils have their own sets of rules and procedures and even an experienced property developer faces significant barriers to getting developments approved.

    For a typical homeowner it is an almost impossible task to find their way through the system to achieve council approval.

    This is where we can assist and make the whole process smooth, cost effective and stress free.

    Services Summary:

    * Development Applications to Council

    * Retrospective approvals for Unauthorised dwellings or structures

    * Environmental Impact Assessments

    * Social Impact Assessments

    * Sub-Division Applications

    * Objections to Council

    * Project Management

    Although I am based in Sydney, I have worked all over NSW from the Snowy Mountains council in the south to the Byron council in the north.

    Please feel free to contact me about any project you may need assistance with.

    Environmental Planning Approvals

    Email: [email protected]

    Ph: 0423668263


    Anthony R. Potts - Environmental Planner - Specialist in all Town Planning and Urban Planning matters
    Web: Email: [email protected] Ph: 0432668263
    * Development Applications to Council * Sub-Division Applications * Objections to Council * Project Management
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