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  1. JASA
    @Scott No Mates :D if you knew what I paid to stage you would have given me 5/5 It was mostly free stuff, I picked the chair and sofa up from side of the road hard rubbish collection.
  2. Indifference
    @Frank Frick no need to guess... just read the title text.... it's an index scale that sets 1970 = 100.
  3. RichieRich
    @Micheal not our place in Sydney. It cost $200K to buy in 1992 and is $3.2M market value now. That's 16x in just under 30 years. Original, and I mean original condition.
  4. Micheal
    Major problem with this chart and I get this thrown at me quite often. Median house in the 70’s: 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 garage. Median house now: 4 bed, 2.5 bath, Walk in robes, designer kitchen, A/C...
  5. Frank Frick
    @C-mac It isn't a very good chart. What does the y-axis equal? I'm left to guess... $K? But does it mean the house price or the loan size? It also doesn't factor in interest rates. Supporting...

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